Maktaba Shah Waliullah also arrange Qurbani for the people with limited resources and time, Qurbani Services initiated with a vision to ease logistics/distribution problems of Developed Cities, our dedicated and humble team ensures that the meat is distributed to needy and deserving people. Our team works under the guidance of Islamic scholars and we ensure that all the process is carried out strictly according to Shariah.

Besides delivering the meat by hand we have also arranged the packing facility to ensure that the meat reaches to those who are not reachable or out of bound. The cost of skin is donated to different deserving seminaries (Madarsas)

We Pray and request you to Dua that Allah accepts our efforts and enable us to deliver the rights of people to them, May Allah make us Understand the True Meaning of Sunnat e Ibrahim (AS) and accepts the sacrifices(Qurbani) of all Ummah.