Maktaba Shah Waliullah

MAKTABA SHAH WALIULLAH is based at New Delhi, India, working as Islamic Book Publisher and Distributors for last 15 years. The foremost obligation of Maktaba Shah Waliullah is to provide a single point window for Islamic books covering all publishers, thus facilitating their search for variety of subjects and topics published by oodles of Publishers.

Besides this Maktaba Shah Waliullah also selectively engage itself in publishing most authentic Islamic books and reviving, translating old Scholarly works from all major International languages. The main theme of these books is to present the fundamentals of Islam as explained by the most recognized Islamic scholars of the Muslim world in the light of Quran and Hadith.

The other main features of Maktaba Shah Waliullah are as follows: Presenting books free from sectarianism and in accordance with the Qur'an and the Sunnah. Producing books in concise, easy, lucid and comprehensive form for Non Muslims. Working to develop a better understanding of different schools of thought among the Muslims. Catering to the needs of the present-day problems faced by Muslims.